Error while loading a CPG into ocular


I am getting the following error while loading the CPG into ocular.
2019-03-25 15:00:53.242 [main] ERROR Could not create edge. Destination lookup failed.; keyValues: edgeType=EVAL_TYPE, srcNodeType=UNKNOWN, srcNodeId=1538075582471300566, dstNodeType=TYPE, dstfullName=null

What should be the right config to be provided to ocular to include all the nodes and edges?


Hi Tejas,
This seems to happen during dataflow analysis, and I’ve forwarded your question to an expert on that area. The provided information may not be enough for deep analysis though.

While we’re waiting: what version of ocular did you use? Did you create the cpg with the java2cpg version that was shipped with that same distribution? How exactly did you generate it, i.e. which parameters?
Is there anything else you can share? Ideal would be one or all of: jar, cpg, sources. We understand that that’s not always possible, in which case we’ll try our best to replicate the issue, but cannot guarantee success.